3 days in Florence


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Hello! A group of 6 of us is planning to visit Italy in May. We plan to visit florence, Siena,Sorento and the Amalfi Coast. Lastly, we want to visit Rome for 3 days. Is this a good itinerary? Also, from Florence can we do day trips to Siena and Cinque Terre?


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That is an itin which will surely give you a general overview of Italy.

I would be sure to dedicate at least 2 if not three days in Florence.

One day in Siena

One full day in Cinque Terre, check out this tour which will give you a great overview while relieving you of the travel stress.

I also suggest you dedicate at least one if not two days to discovering the Tuscan countryside (Chianti and / or San Gimignano for example.

Other ideas can be found in these articles:

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