3 Days in Tuscany Region - Florence to Rome through wine country


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Tuscany experts - Hopefully you will be able to provide some guidance here .

We are a young couple from San Francisco planning a Tuscany trip in Oct. We are thinking about renting a car from Florence to Rome stopping over @ Siena & @ Pienza for a night each with stops at the wineries listed below. Would love your feedback on the itinerary. Do you have a better recommendation for an itinerary ? Also, read a few posts on the forum that don't recommend driving but renting a car with a driver. What are your thoughts ?

Day 1
Florence to Antinori Chianti Classico ( winery 1)
Antinori to Greve ( Local sight seeing)
Greve to Castello di Ama ( Winery 2)
Castello di Ama to Siena ( Local Sight seeing)
Spend night in Siena

Day 2
Siena to Castello di Banfi - Montalcino ( Winery 3)
Local sight seeing in Montalcino
Castiglion del Bosco SI, - Montalcino ( Winery 4)
Castiglion del Bosco SI to Pienza
Local sight seeing in Pienza
Spend night in Pienza

Day 3
Pienza to to Montepulciano
Montepulciano – Local Sight seeing
Montepulciano to Salchetto - ( winery 5)
Salchetto to Rome

Thank You
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Driving around Tuscany


You have a great itin - and if these are places you have studied and are interested in then Great!! I can add though, as you travel around don't hesitate to stop in at any place off your intin if it catches your attention, and you will find lots of signs that say wine and olive oil direct!....sometimes these are the best surprises.

Antinori cantina is definitely something to see - but don't expect history, just immense! and modern. If you have a car then check out my article about San Casciano which will give you a few things you could visit in the area while driving around: http://www.chianti.com/san-casciano-val-di-pesa.html

When you leave Siena I suggest that you look for the road SP46 - instead of the main road. To be honest both roads are beautiful - but on the SP46 there is less traffic and lots of great photos spots...with this you can visit Castiglion del Bosco then Montalcino before heading over to Pienza.

Another personal favorite in that area is Bagno Vignoni and the thermal waters at bagno San Filippo:

Buon Viaggio,

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Thank you Donna Denise. Appreciate the guidance.

Also, I understand that the freeway driving is a little different from the driving in USA, especially reading the freeway exit signs. Can you recommend a book / article I can read to understand the nuances