3 nights in Tuscany - part 1 of Honeymoon


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I've discovered this website which seems to answer a lot of my questions that I have had recently whilst trying to plan our honeymoon, but I could do a few more pointers if possible!

We are due to get married in Lake Como Sep 2015, the plan is to get the train from Como down to Florence. Whilst I would like to see Florence, I am actually keen on staying some place with lovely scenery and where we can sample excellent authentic Italian food and wine, so I thought Chianti might be a good idea since I would also like to visit Siena if possible and other areas we can fit in, and also do a vineyard tour.

We have 3 nights (Wed-Sat) and then we plan to fly down to Sicily for our last week via Florence airport.

I seen excellent reviews for a B&B called Palazzo Malaspina but unfortunately the owner confirmed she is fully booked during our dates! :-( Can you possibly recommend any other places?

I assume the best option is to pick up a car from the train station when we arrive and drive down to Chianti straight away, and perhaps on the last day (Sat) we can explore Florence before we get our flight or should we stay 1 night in Florence ? .... does the train station have an area where you can put your luggage and collect later?

Thank you for your help - I am open to ideas but hopefully I can create a great honeymoon!



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Luggage in Florence

Hello -

You should check with your hotel when you stay in Florence, even though they have an early checkout time most places will actually store your luggage for you while you tour the city.

Here are two of my personal favorites in a B&B around Chianti that you can check out:

http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/il-defizio.html (I love the outside terrace for meals!)


http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/candida-bing-chianti-house.html (she gives a lot of personal attention to her guests)

Buon Viaggio - - and Happy Honeymoon!!


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Accommodation in Tuscany

Hello Nicola,

Just read your request for help on accommodation.
If you are looking for something really unique for that extra special honeymoon then check out Relais Borgo Santo Pietro near Chiusdino. There is an absolutely beautiful church / abbey you can visit too called Abbazia di San Galgano. It's a 5 minute drive way . It's absolutely beautiful. I can also really recommend Castello di Velona.

Florence station has space where you can leave your luggage. Its about 4 euros for a half a day I think. IF you are looking for a nice b&b in Florence then check out Soprarno Suites or Le Camere dei Conti right next to the station. It's owned by a friend of mine.

I have been living in Florence for the past 7 years. Dont' hesitate to write back if you want any further info! I know of a great driver too if you want a relaxed trip round Tuscany without having to drive yourself. Driving yourself means not being able to enjoy the wine tasting remember!!

Looking forward to hearing back from you

In any case you'll have an amazing time no matter where you goo!!

Congratulations by the way!