4 1/2 days in Florence / Tuscany


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I could use some suggestions about how to fill our time in Florence & Tuscany.

My husband and I are visiting Italy next May. We'll be in Florence/Tuscany for 4 1/2 days. Flying into Florence on Saturday afternoon, leaving Thursday morning by train to Venice. I imagine we'll spend Saturday afternoon/evening walking around Florence and soaking it all in. I then plan on taking 2 full days to explore Florence. That will leave us with 2 extra days to get into Tuscany (but staying each night in Florence). I love the idea of renting a car and exploring, but my husband is nervous about figuring out a rental for jut one day. So instead we're thinking about joining a tour.

Does anyone know of a reputable private driver? Reputable tour company? Or, would renting a car not be super difficult? My dream is to experience the scenery/history/culture of Tuscany. We'll already have the grandeur of Florence and Venice, so we would rather experience maybe smaller towns, or a castle, church....we're open.

Also in regards to Florence. What are some of your favorite places to eat?