4 day trek in the Appennini


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hi guys,

my friend and me are trying to plan a 4-day outdoor trek in the Appennini area, but we cant find enough information, we will be traveling by a car so getting places wont be a problem.

we are in good shape and looking to exprince the nature of italy.

if someone has any suggestions of a trail or can maybe point me to where i can find more information.

thank you, Adam


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Great idea!! there is some much to explore in the Appenines!! Have a look at this new article which should give you a few ideas of trails to search for:


Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise

PS if you find something you like - and need more info - drop us another message because Lourdes & Stefano have done many hikes in the area and may be able to give you more insight.