4 days in autumn in Florence


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Hi Lourdes
This is a returning trip to Florence in September 2014. We spent a day or so visiting Florence in 2011, seeing Duomo.. Basilica... Sante Croce, Piazza Signorina, plus a twenty minute view from Piazale Michaelangelo ... but really just skimming the surface. I have read your suggested 3 day tour and will probably incorporate it in schedule along with the extra suggestions like the Duomo workshop and Semi precious stone museo.
Can you give some ideas to take care of the 4th day and indeed we will arrive in Florence around lunchtime so that will give us a total of 4 and a half days in Florence. Our hotel is centrally located.

Thanks in advance


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao OziCouple,

Looking over the 3 day itinerary here I see that I didn't recommend a climb up either the Duomo or Giotto's bell tower or of the Palazzo Vecchio tower. I'd do one of those (or maybe 2) so that you can enjoy the stupendous view of Florence from up high. The Piazzale Michelangelo was already included as part of the 3 day itinerary, but it offers a whole different point of view on the city.

If you will add the Museo dell'Opera to the schedule, I think you already have enough to cover the 4th day and the half day when you arrive but here are some suggestions to add:
- the Basilica of Santa Croce
- church of Santa Maria Novella
They are not included as part of that itinerary. You might also find that the Accademia and San Marco museum on the same morning to be too much and so decide to do it at a later time or skip it. Remain flexible.

Overall, these are suggestions as how they can fit - don't try to follow it to a T because if you fall in love with the art in any one place (the Opificio delle Pietre Dure is pretty fantastic), I'd rather hear you loved spending an extra hour admiring and soaking in the atmosphere of a place that made you enjoy Florence all that much more than if you rush through places to check them off and end up feeling rushed and missed out on seeing them well enough ;-).

I believe you'll finish your 4.5 days realizing you still have more places you'd have liked to see - then you'll just have to plan another trip back to Tuscany!