4 days in Florence in August


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I will be traveling to Italy this coming August with my husband, our two teenagers, 15 & 16, my mom (who was born in Reggio Calabria) and my dear friend. We are spending the first 3 days in Rome, 3 days in Sorrento and the last 4 days in Florence. I am trying to plan an itinerary for Florence. We will arrive by train from Sorrento on a Monday morning and I know most museums are closed, so we are planning to go to the Duomo, climb to the top and also explore the city, Tuesday is a free day, Wednesday we have scheduled a private tour with Tuscany Wine Trails and Thursday we plan on visiting the Uffizi, Accademia & some churches as well. We'd like to travel to a few cities on Tuesday, but we are not sure where and what will be the best way to get there. I was thinking Siena late morning and San Gimignano later in the day - I've heard that San Gimignano is beautiful at dusk, but I'm concerned with leaving there late - do buses run after 7:00 pm back to Florence? Also, my teenage daughter would like to go to Volterra, so we're also considering just Volterra and San Gimignano, but again, not sure what will be the best way to get to those areas in one day. Could you recommend a private driver for the day or would it be better to use public transportation or rent a car? If you had just one day in Tuscany, what town would you recommend above the rest? Is this itineary too ambitious for just 4 days in Florence? Thank-you for any suggestions!