4-night stay in Tuscany during harvest season


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Hello, I would like some help for deciding where to stay in Tuscany next October. We'll be flying into Rome and then driving straight up to the Cinque Terre, where we'll stay for 3 days, and then we'll head down to Tuscany for four nights, before ending in Rome for our last three nights.

We definitely want to stay in an agriturismo, ideally one that grows wine. i have just discovered that October is also harvest season (we'll be in Tuscany Oct 8-12). Will most farm owners allow us to explore the vineyards and perhaps even let us pick a few grapes? My fiance is very excited about wine and wants to learn as much as possible. We would like to take advantage of harvest season while we're there so any recommendations for tours will be helpful as well if we end up staying somewhere that doesn't allow us to roam the vineyards.

We would like to take day trips to Siena and Tuscany, so we would like to stay somewhere relatively central - perhaps around Poggibonsi or the Chianti region.

Any suggestions will be a great help. Thank you in advance!

Hello Hanna,
I advice you to spend your holiday in Montespertoli. Montespertoli is a small village situated in the heart of Tuscany: it is only 25 km away from Florence and at an equal distance from Siena, Pisa, Volterra and San Gimignano. Montespertoli is a typical rural village, surrounded by gently hills, vineyards, olive groves and woods. It is well suited to the cultivation of wine, thanks to its good climate and excellent physical characteristics. Wine, together with olive oil, is the main product of the area, and Montespertoli is considered one of the Tuscan wine capitals.
You can stay in one of the numerous agritourisms around Montespertoli, which offer the possibility of wine tasting and visiting their vineyards.
During harvest season another specialty is producted: "new wine": fresh and fruity, with a smooth and fragrant flavour. It is the first product of autumn.
I also advice you to visit our "Wine Museum" to discover the processes of wine production, bottling and marketing.
Montespertoli is also rich in buildings dating back to the Middle Age and the Renaissance, such as old castles, churches and villages.