5.5 days in Tuscany with kids(3&8)-Florence and where?


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Hi! This will be my family's first time in Italy and we have about 5.5 days to spend in Florence and Tuscany coming from Rome. I know that I would like to spend at least 3 days in Florence but for the other 2.5 days I'm clueless. Do we stay in Florence the whole time and just make a couple day trips to Pisa/Siena on the train/bus? Do we rent a car and stay at an agriturismo for a few nights and drive around the countryside?
I read the article about the hot springs outside of Siena and that sounds amazing-especially Bagni san Filippo since it's out in nature. I've also been told my kids would love Pisa(at least my 8yr old boy), but I know that's in the opposite direction.
We are coming from San Diego, CA, so don't necessarily need to spend time at the beach but I've also heard so much about Cinque Terre and it does seem very beautiful.
As you all obviously know there is so much to see and do in Tuscany and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I need an expert to just say-you and your kids will love ____. ;)
Some info about our family: I love art and my husband appreciates it as well, but my rambunctious 8yr old will probably try swinging off the statuary before too long. We love nature but not so much a lot of hiking as our 3 yr old tends to tire quickly and a bit heavy to carry around in a carrier for a long time. My husband is not so much into the regular tourist stuff so if there's anything off the beaten path of incredible beauty or adventure, I'm open to that as well. We are also on a moderate budget...
Grrazie! Looking forward to some great suggestions!


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My mom and sisters live in San Diego, what a small world :D

You don't say WHEN you're coming. If during the summer, I suggest you cancel Cinque Terre off the list and go to nearby Lerici or Portovenere if you want to see that part of the Italian coast because the Cinque Terre is CROWDED with visitors during the summer. You will not enjoy being around hundreds of people all around you in peak season, it is unfortunate because the area is beautiful but I personally go in April or late September to enjoy it when the crowds are less.

have you seen some of our suggestions on here: http://www.discovertuscany.com/what-to-do-in-tuscany/fun-with-kids/ ?

Do you want to drive? whether you get the car or not depends on that as well, but of course if you don't, then your options change.


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Traveling with kids


Kids do propose a challenge, you want excitment for them yet you still want to see some of the classic beauty of Tuscany.

Here are a few links to articles that specifically talk about kids in Tuscany and things that are geared towards keeping them entertained:


And this link is a collection of activities and articles about things to do with the kids:

Sometimes just picking the right accommodations will be all you need to do to keep them amused:

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