6 days of true Tuskany


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Am planning to visit Tuscany for 6 days. The plan is to make 1-2 day road trip from Bologna and then settle down in small town at the beach.

My questions: which road do you recomend to crossing Appenini mountains? We are especially looking for picturues, panoramic, countryside roads and would like to avoid big citys.

Where do you think is most probable to find calm (as much as possible even I doubt is possible in august) costal town with remote (as much as possible:) ) beaches. Was looking for places betwen San Vicenzo and Maremma. Any special recomendation?

My image of idylic vacation is small apartment near the coast...not crowded beach, romantic town and small typical bars :) Beautiful but not touristic :) Maybe asking for too much...but maybe there is...:)

Thank you for answers and loking forward to discover Tuscany


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Hello and welcome to the Forum!
In 6 days you’ll be able to get the most out of Tuscany and enjoy all its beauty ;)

As you are coming from Bologna, I suggest you first stop in the wonderful Renaissance city of Florence and stay there for a night or two. Florence is beautiful and is a must-see destination in Tuscany, being incredibly full of masterpieces of art.
You may find useful information about Florence’s top sights at this page.

If you are also looking for a good accommodation in Florence, I suggest to have a look at this list of carefully selected lodgings in and near Florence.

As to an alternative road to cross the Appennine mountains, I actually suggest you take the Autostrada A1, the traffic can be intense, but other roads can be rather difficult and very winding, I wouldn’t recommend them. While, taking the Autostrada A1, you should reach Florence in about 1 hour and half.
You will then have more time to enjoy the wonderful country roads of Tuscany, especially on your way to reach the Maremma region, south of Tuscany.

The most beautiful and unspoilt beaches of Tuscany are right located in Maremma, one of the most charming areas of Tuscany, characterized by wild nature and amazing natural landscapes.
You’ll find it very pleasing to drive across the wonderful country roads of the region, having the possibility to admire even the less known and hidden parts of Tuscany :)

For a very relaxing holiday far from the cities’ crowds and near the most beautiful and more remote beaches of all Tuscany, I highly recommend staying at La Valentina Nuova, a beautiful farmhouse totally immersed in the beauty of the Maremma National Park and very near the coast. This scenic farmhouse offers lovely and fully equipped apartments delightfully furnished in typical Tuscan style. It is surrounded by gentle soft hills adorned with very ancient olive trees.

From La Valentina Nuova you can easily reach the wonderful seaside of Talamone (at only 3 km distance), a true spectacle!
Another large, beautiful and wild beach I suggest is Marina di Alberese, that you can still easily reach in about 20 minutes driving.

On your way from Florence to Maremma; amongst the many must-see destinations and attractions of Tuscany; I recommend to visit the medieval hill top towns of San Gimignano, Volterra, and the amazing art city of Siena, so differrent from Florence yet so enchanting!

You can of course avoid main roads and wander through amazing Tuscan landscapes!

Finally, you may find this 7 days itinerary of Tuscany really very helpful :)

Do not hesitate to contact us again for any further help or suggestion needed!

Enjoy planning your Italian trip :)

Ciao from Florence.
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Thanx for quick answer.

Florenc is must of Tuskany am sure...but guess will wait for next trip. Not living far away will visit this city on other occation as this time the plan is rural Tuskany and relaxing by the sea. Looking all the itinerary was thining of 2 options:

- you think is better to get to Chianti and cross the Tuskany southern to get to Maremma or Etruscian coast;
- or to cross northern of Florence getting to the coast at Livorno and then heading south?

La Valentina Nuova I saw before allready unfortunatelly is occupied.
Any recomendation for one-night bed-breakfast stay at Chianti?

thanx again, salutti!!!
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Relaxing in the Tuscan Countryside by the Sea

Ciao :)

There’s really no better place to relax than a vacation in the Tuscan countryside near the sea ;)

As to your itinerary, I suggest you first get to the Chianti region crossing Tuscan countryside to then reach the Maremma, while, on your way back, you might drive along the Tyrrhenian coast passing through Livorno and heading to the north of Florence.

Along the route to Maremma, I’d suggest a stop in Siena, much quieter than Florence!

Chianti is a beautiful place, its landscapes and panoramas are wonderful. Chianti is renowned all over the world for its great wine production, so you might also enjoy taking some wine tours or directly taste the exquisite wines in one of the many wineries you’ll find along the route, such as the Castle of Vicchiomaggio, or the Castle of Verrazzano.

I recommend staying at B&B Palazzo Malaspina, a very charming and comfortable bed and breakfast with elegant and fully equipped rooms, located in the heart of Chianti and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

The medieval hill top towns of Castellina in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, Radda and Gaiole in Chianti are very close by the bed and breakfast.

As to your accommodation in Maremma, I suggest you have a look at this list of selected properties in the area and check what is still available.

Feel free to post again for any additional request!

Have a nice day!


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On more question! :) (for now)

You think is complicated just to drive arround and looking for possible accomodations without making reservations?
Guess there is many places to sleep that dont have official pages on internet?

Grazie mille!!


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Well, there are really many places to sleep you’ll meet along the route, but all depends on which period you are coming to Tuscany.

If you are coming this summer such as in August, for example, I highly recommend booking your accommodations ahead of time, especially for your stay at the seaside, but also in the Chianti!

We'll be here for any further help :)


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Ciao Tuskany,

Yes there are likely accommodations that don't advertise on the internet but Tuscany itself is the region of Italy with the highest number of properties with a website. And the custom here where many, many people vacation in August makes it essential to reserve ahead of time - there really are no "vacancy" signs posted along the way so it would be hard to determine where to stop. Larger cities such as Florence or Siena are organized to offer last minute bookings locally at the tourism office but many of the smaller and rural accommodations that only offer a few rooms or apartments don't generally follow this method. So we highly recommend you book ahead of time - through here by searching by area or type on Tuscany Accommodation
or directly for these that offer booking online.

As for the route from Bologna, definitely follow the A1 from Bologna to Florence, then take the Florence-Siena roadway if you're in a hurry to get to Siena or Maremma. If you have more time, want to take the slower more scenic routes and maybe spend a night on the way,you can take the Chiantigiana road or Senese road from Florence down through Chianti. This permits more scenic views and the chance to stop along the small towns to take pictures. The faster road gives you views but no chances to stop.

We are sure you'll have a great time in Tuscany! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.