6 nights in Tuscany or split with Florence city life?


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My husband and I are taking our Honeymoon in April, with another couple on theirs and we are looking to spend 6 nights in the Tuscany area. We know we will need to rent a car.

We have 2 options to stay. One is in Chianti and one is a bit farther in near Cortona. Is this TOO far to stay, considering we fly out of the Florence airport very early in the morning?

If this is TOO far out, what areas should we consider staying in?

We want to see Cortona, Pisa, Florence, Siena, the thermal spas....etc. We are coming from a busy week in Rome.


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Ciao newlyweds!

Sounds like a great plan, combining the time together with another couple. I am sure you will still find ample time for romance and - seeing as you're coming from a busy week in Rome - Tuscany will be perfect for slowing down and enjoying the romance Italy exudes ;-).

I'd suggest something closer than Cortona - just because it is in southern Tuscany and drives to most of the sights will be longer, particularly Pisa and Lucca as they are in the complete opposite corner. It will also make the drive to Florence on the last morning easier, if you're relatively closer. I'd definitely recommend Chianti just because it is more central and you can drive out in different direction each day.

Are you thinking of a romantic or small B&B or would you prefer a farmhouse apartment with your own kitchen?
Most farmhouses will offer several apartments or rooms, so you don't have to share an apartment with the other couple... some have apartments for 2 people that make it easy to have privacy as well as the convenience of your own kitchen/kitchenette so you don't have to eat out all week long. Tuscany in any case should be enjoyed with calm and tranquility, don't try to see everything!

Here are some options in Chianti, from B&Bs to farmhouses:

Tell me which one appeals to you, that way I can figure out other places to suggest! :)