7 days in Tuscany to explore need help planning our trip


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We will begin in Florence for three days and then we have 7 days to explore Tuscany before heading to Rome for 4 days. I have looked at your itinerary suggestions for 7 days and was wondering what would be a good base so we are not having to pick up and move accommodation more than twice. We want to experience good wine and food and enjoy what this region has to offer. It is a our 25 wedding anniversary trip. All suggestions welcome. We will rent a car but would also like to enjoy wine tastings so will need to hire a car for those days. Is it best to rent the car from the Florence airport?


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two bases


I suggest, if you are going to follow our 7 day tour ideas, to look for the first place in the Florentine hills:

For example, anyone of these places near Montespertoli

Then I would move down closer to the Vladichiana area:

Both are well known for the wine and olive oil production, and you will find lots of opportunities to do some tasting without driving too far.

But is you want a driver, you can check out:

or contact Simone (I have worked with him several times) via email: essemazzini@gmail.com he does speak English

Both a licensed drivers with vehicles.

Buon Viaggio,

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