A few thoughts on our first trip.


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Just got back after a week in Pisa/Lucca/Firenze.
For anyone who hasn't visited before,here are a few things that we could have done to make our visit better.
On arrival at Firenze central railway station,go to the bus desk and demand a bus and tram map.They are reluctant to give them out for some reason but although we got ours a bit too late it was incredibly useful. Although most of the attractions are reasonably close there is still a lot of walking to do,so being able to use a bus or tram saves a lot of effort. You buy a 90minute ticket at any tobacconist kiosk for 1.30Euro or 2.00 Euro from the bus driver. YOU MUST VALIDATE YOUR TICKET ON THE FIRST BUS YOU GET ON. There is a 50Euro fine for having an unvalidated ticket, and they do have inspectors regularly checking ALL passengers ticketson the bus. Once you have validated your ticket you can go on as many buses as you like for as far as you like provided you finish your trips within 90minutes. A much better idea is to get a 24hour ticket for 5.00 Euros. AGAIN YOU MUST VALIDATE ON THE FIRST BUS, but then you can get on and off as often as you like for 24hours, if you have done your homework and organised your attractions,your bus ticket will save a lot of time and effort.For example we walked to the Pitti Palace first time but a bus route map would have eased our 80year old legs !!!. More thoughts later