Access to the Duomo with Firenze Card? And which attractions to pre-book in August?


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Sorry if this has been asked before, a quick search didn't yield any answers.

1st question:
Based on the information on the Firenze Card website, access to parts of the Duomo (bell tower, dome, baptistery, etc.) seems to be no longer included.
Maybe this was different in the past, but the Duomo decided to create their own separate pass.
Is this correct?
So basically if I'd like to visit "everything", I should get the Brunelleschi Pass for 30EUR + the Firenze Card for 85EUR, right?

2nd question:
For a visit in mid-August (highest season, I know...), which attractions are an absolute MUST to pre-book, assuming I get the pass and card from above?
Is there a page summarising this?
That would be really valuable, so as to not realise too late that I've missed a pre-booking...

Many thanks in advance! :)
The Duomo is not included with the Firenze Card.
The only places that require advance booking are the Accademia and the Uffizi (and Brancacci Chapel). We have never encountered a line at any other sites, even in high season.
If you want to climb up the Duomo, you have to buy the Brunelleschi pass online and book the climb up. That’s the only one you have to still book for, all the other sites you enter into when you want.

The Firenze Card continues to remain unavailable so that anyways means it’s off the table as a possibility. Like Uomo Grasso has already suggested, I’d book for the Uffizi and Accademia if they are on your list. Fit in other places around those bookings without booking ahead of time. I’ve found lines at Pitti and Medici Chapels and Bargello but they always move super fast so I don’t think the pre booking fee is a good investment for those. But for Uffizi and Accademia the lines are longer and slower so there prebooking is always a good idea.
Many thanks for clarifying, Lourdes!
I was completely unaware that the Firenze Card is unavailable;
I somehow completely missed this...
It is on their website but not highlighted, just very on the down low. On Instagram and Facebook, they keep posting every 2 days info about the city and museums, it made me wonder if it's set on an automatic calendar because it is regular but no one answers the questions on when the card will finally be reactivated.
I'm updating our article on the FirenzeCard and I can confirm, the monuments around the Duomo were all taken off the Firenze Card (went back active in October 2022) and now you need to buy a pass from the Duomo separately from the Firenze Card to see more sights.