Accommodation in Florence


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I am planning a visit to Florence last week in September - first time to visit.
I want to find accommodation that is fairly central - would you recommend an apartment rather than B&B or hotel. What would be most cost effective? Looking for good 3 star accommodation.
Also my flight arrives late into Pisa and can get transportation to Florence but would arrive around midnight don't know if I could access anywhere at that time of night?


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Ciao Pat and welcome to our Forum! :)

I'd recommend you spend the first night in Pisa and then the morning after you can visit the main square in Pisa and see the Leaning Tower, the cathedral and baptistery before heading off to Florence. It would be less of a hassle for you to do this than to try to reach Florence within a certain time to check-in... which would only work with hotels, since those are the ones that have someone at the reception at all hours. You wouldn't possibly be able to check-in at that hour if you decide for a B&B or apartment.

As for being central, you'll find every type of accommodation within the historic center of Florence. You'll have to choose what you prefer - also depending on how long your stay is. For example, if you're in Florence for a day or two and don't plan on cooking for yourself at all, then a hotel or B&B would be the way to go. Many B&Bs are run like small hotels since many of them only have about 6 rooms, the difference is that in being small you might feel more of an at home welcome, a bit more informal and personal. Take a look at the various accommodation in Florence - you'll see there is a bit of everything and depending on your budget at least you can start making a list of the ones you like. Then come back on here if you have any questions, we might be able to help you narrow down the selection once we see which ones appeal to you. :D