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My wife and I are going to be in Florence (serving as a base) for 5 days. We are currently planning to drive to the outlets in Montevarchi one morning. We'd love to do Montepulciano, or Moltacino that afternoon.

Looking for advice on whether this is doable, any suggestions for what to see when out there, and what wineries to stop by.

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I would actually suggest you visit Arezzo instead, it is a wonderful charming town most often left off itineraries but it is a gem :). I highly recommend walking around the center, enjoying the Piazza Grande and then going to see Piero della Francesca's amazing frescoes in the San Francesco church. Take a look at the category linked above to see more ideas of what to see and do.


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Arezzo is an excellent suggestion...and if you want you could also add Cortona to that day.

However, if you really want to go further down south, I would say go for Montepulcinao because it is a clear shot on the Autostrada (toll road between Florence and Rome) so the driving is fast, easy and honestly - even somewhat picturesque. The outlets are very close to the Autostrada, so once you have finished shopping you can be in Montepulciano in less than an hour.

Have a look at our article about what to see while in Montepulciano:

If you want to add a few other small towns than you can look at Sarteano, Cetona, Chiusi and Chianciano.

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