Additional events in Mugello during the MotoGP?


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We are staying in Mugello during the MotoGp 31may-01jun 2008.
Are there things to do, events, during the MotoGp races? In Firenze, Mugello or arround these cities?

Hope you can give us some information.

Thank you in advance.
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Ciao Esther,
Hopefully you'll be in Mugello for a few more days before or after the MotoGP so that you can get a chance to see the beautiful valley and visit Florence.

Since you'll be in Scarperia for the MotoGP, you'll definitely see this charming town. The majority of the villages in the area are similar and small but all with a few important palaces and buildings. Thus many of the important sights to see are spread out across the territory. As you head further north of Scarperia you'll enter into the Apennines mountain range, so driving will be slow as you head up lots of curves. Firenzuola and Marradi are two towns in the area north of the valley that merit visiting.... if you are into walking/hiking, the Mugello valley offers a wealth of marked paths (red and white CAI or yellow SOFT painted marks/signs) and the view is incredible at the top of those mountains!

If you are interested in seeing the area's main attractions, you can select to follow an itinerary by theme, such as the Medici castles and Renaissance villas and fortresses in the area, many built by the Medici family during their rule in Tuscany in the 1500s. Or you can follow a more cultural-artistic itinerary and visit many of the smaller museums located in the villages of Mugello. Or follow a "wine road" and arrange a few wine tours and tastings. Lots of options, you know better how many days you have available to decide what you can do in the time you have.

You should view some of the suggestions you'll find here: Tuscany Itineraries in Mugello as it is the official website for the regional tourism association.

As for specific events, there are a few events planned around those days, such as:

35th EXHIBITION OF CUTTING TOOLS Scarperia (Palazzo dei Vicari and Vecchia Propositura) from May 25th to September 14th: exhibition "The Art of Hunting. Usages, Customs, Secrets, Knives". From May 25th to June 8th: 38th edition best knife competition for amateurs. June 7th and 8th: 20th exhibition and sale of custom made knives. Info: tel. + 39 055 8468165 - 055 843161 PRO LOCO SCARPERIA -

MUGELLO, THE CRADLE OF RENAISSANCE from May 29th to November 30th: Chini Ceramic Museum (Borgo San Lorenzo): The Medici in Villa - lunettes by Giusto Utens, dedicated to the main Medici villas. Convent of Bosco ai Frati (San Piero a Sieve): Donatello, Brunelleschi and the Man on the Cross Donatello's and Brunelleschi's crucifixes. Palazzo dei Vicari (Scarperia): The Medici Family in Arms paintings by Bronzino, Vasari and Naldini and selection of 16th century armour. Beato Angelico Museum (Vicchio): The Mugello and the Arts: Giotto, Beato Angelico and Andrea del Castagno - paintings by Giotto, Beato Angelico and Andrea del Castagno. Palazzo Medici Riccardi (Firenze) Info: tel. + 39 055 8468165 - 055 84527186 Piccoli Grandi Musei

100 KM DEL PASSATORE May 31st and June 1st 36th edition: international race from Florence to Faenza through the Mugello territory. Info: tel. + 39 0546 664603 100Km del Passatore -
There is also the 28th SCARPERIA INFIORATA in Scarperia (historical centre) on May 25th but I am not sure when you arrive into the area. There are floral mosaics on a particular theme using petals, leaves, etc. on the roads and squares of the historical town centre by the inhabitants.

As Mugello is close to Florence, you'll quickly be able to visit Florence if you wish to do so. Of course this will depend on everything else you'll have planned for your stay! I hope you'll have a wonderful time in Mugello!

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Mugello track

My husband who is paralysed is racing at Vallelunga circuit and we want to go to the GP at Mugello
are there disability buses that pick up from the main train station we are travelling down from florence?:)