Advice for my first trip?


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Hello everyone! Please help me with some advice about my first short trip to Florence.. This is the plan I made for now. Please tell me if you think if it is better to skip Venice or Pisa for example or to go somewhere else like Siena or San Gimiano. Also I will be in Tucany in the middle of February, do I need to expect cold and rainy winter, I am from Eastern Europe and here February is the coldest month and it is not really nice to walk around.. is it the same there? I will arrive in Bologna airport on 17th of February at 8pm evening and leaving on 21th of February at 6pm evening, so my plan is:

1. 17.02 aerobus to Bologna 12euro for 2adults, sleep in Bologna.

2. 18.02 travel to Venice ((From:Bologna Centrale (09:10) To:Venezia Mestre (10:23); 2.From:Venezia Mestre (19:37) To:Bologna Centrale (20:50) Date: 18.02.2016
FRECCIARGENTO Super Economy - 2ª Classe Everything: 60еuro for 2adults))
. Sleep in Bologna.

3. 19.02 Bologna Centrale to Firenze 40euro for 2 adults. Day in Florence with visiting Santa Maria Novela and Ufitzi. Sleep in Florence.

4. 20.02 Travel to Pisa 20euro for 2adults; sleep in Florence

5. 21.02 Half day in Florence. Bologna. Bologna Airport. 40euro


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Bologna, Florence and Pisa


Venice is a beautiful place to visit and I wouldn't want to dissuade you from exploring this special corner of Italy - however if you are asking for advice about your time schedule...I would say it is not in the cards for this brief trip.

If anything, spend the day exploring Bologna which is a beautiful and calm little city. Then travel to Florence in the evening. Dine/sleep in Florence and enjoy a full day exploring this city. Pisa is a great day trip (or half day trip) and maybe instead of doing the bus you could look at an organized tour which would include Pisa and San Gimignano.

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