Airport Parking


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Can someone tell me if there is a place to park when picking someone up at the airport?

We will be arriving before the rest of our party so after we pick up the rental car and dump the bags at the Villa we will need to return to the airport to pick up the rest of our friends.

Can we wait in the car or is there a place to park to go in and find them?

Is there a fee?



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Airport parking


It's not clear which airport you are referring to - so:

Florence: there is parking directly in front of the arrivals and departure entrances. This airport is SOOO small (but important). When you enter into the airport the entrance to the pick-up drop-off lot is on the left hand side. It used to be free, but the last time I went there was a fee. You will pick up a card when you enter, and to pay is across the road (inside the airport) you will see it from where you park your car.

Pisa: there is parking directly in front of the arrivals and departure entrances. When you enter the road for the airport, you will go around a small curve to your left and pass the front of the airport. On the right there will be a lane with dividers (so once you get in you can't get out) that's the lane you want. The parking lot is on the right hand side. The first 15 minutes used to be free - but I believe they were changing that. You will pick up a ticket when you enter and you can either pay at one of the parking machines in the middle of the lot or there is a booth near where you entered into the yellow lane.

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From what I remember from the last time I was at the Florence airport - the parking lot offers up to 20 minutes free, so if you are within that time, the same ticket you got when you entered can be used to exit the lot.
If you go over, head to the automatic machines/teller across the road (toward the longer term parking) and pay before you try to leave the lot, otherwise the bar won't open and you can't leave.