Alternate climb to Duomo


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I plan to visit the Duomo, but want to avoid the crowd that climbs to the top. Is there another building with a comparable view that is less crowded?


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Alternatives for Panoramic view


My first suggestion is: don't skip the Duomo because of the this article about the Rooftop Tour.

However, if that is not possible, you will get a similiar view from the Museum of the Duomo, and their terrace.

Or you could have a look at one of these three towers, which will give you great views. of my favorite places is the terrace on top of the store Rinascente, where you can get an espresso, a pastry and a view.

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Uomo Grasso

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Palazzo Vecchio

We didn't climb Il Duomo, but we did climb the tower at Palazzo Vecchio and enjoyed it very much. From there it feels like you can reach out and touch Il Duomo.