Ancona to Siena & Florence by car?


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Hi everyone,just discovered your very nice forum so thought to ask something.we re planning to come over to italy from greece by boat to ancona,take my car also with us and from ancona drive to siena for 3-4 days and then florence 3-4 more days beginning the first days of november...u think its a good idea?we want to have our base in these 2 cities and then travel around all day with the car to different interesting "original" italian places,u think thats worth it and safe to do it?

greetings from Rodi-Grecia



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Ciao Nikolas and welcome to our forum!

Your plans sounds really good - a car is definitely needed for seeing most of the towns and villages in Tuscany which are close to each other but not connected by train. From Ancona you should take the SS76 in the direction of Perugia and then from there head toward the A1 into Tuscany.

Siena and Florence are great bases for seeing the area around each - day trips are definitely the best way of seeing the best of Tuscany. To the south of Siena you have the Valdorcia and the Crete Senesi where you'll find Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza, Buonconvento - that whole area is what you often see in postcards of Tuscany. To the north between Siena and Florence then there is classic Chianti. To the north of Florence definitely go into the Mugello valley. All are different and show the various sides of Tuscany.