Antiques Market in Lucca


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I have seen on several blogs and websites about an antiques market in Lucca on the 3rd weekend of the month, however the website for it seems to have disappeared. As I am planning a trip around attending either the Lucca market or the Arezzo market, I am trying to find more info, most importantly, of course, is whether the Lucca market will be held the April of 2018 and what the exact dates and times are. Many thanks if anyone can help with this, or if you have an opinion about which market is better.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Yes, the market takes place every 3rd weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of the month, you can see the map of the streets where it spreads out on the city website:
This year it means it should be the 14-15th of April.

As far for which one is better - Arezzo or Lucca - that's hard to tell. They have very similar objects but every single one is different since you never can know what you might find. I think the Arezzo one is more widely known as compared but I don't think it makes it better.