Any suggestions on an itinerary for 7 days with a homebase at S. Tuscany?


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Hi everyone!

My husband and I, with two 16 yr olds will visit Italy in late July and early August . We are planning to drive from Venice to Pitigliano where I booked an place to stay. My husband drove from Florence to Chianti last time and he was fine. To save the hassle by moving the bags from train to train and to the bus, and also money, we think renting a car in Venice might be a good idea. Does it make sense and is it a difficult drive?

Also, what do you guys suggest for an itinerary that starts from the south? We have been to Chianti and San Gimignano already and I don't mind to skip them. I really want to see a lot of beautiful landscapes with flowers and rolling hills. Also, food is the main thing too!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!



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Pitigliano and that whole area of Maremma is gorgeous, you'll love your stay there!

I agree with renting the car from Venice - most of it will be on autostrada so it will be fast. Since it is a long drive (around 5 hrs), I suggest staying on the A1 until Orvieto Scalo and from there heading east. A GPS will be very useful when driving here. Maremma opens up a lot, roads are wider so I don't think you should have a difficult drive at all.

In this area - but also because of the season - I highly suggest you spend time on the beach and coast, exploring this area of Tuscany.
So places to see in the area: Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana - the 3 "cities of tuff rock" - pretty neat! Do you like walking? there are interesting routes to take along the ancient "via delle cave" along the tuff rock, carved by the Etruscans, right around Pitigliano. Definitely to be explored.

Then a must-stop is Saturnia, the outdoor hot springs waterfall and nearby Manciano for more dining options.
Head to the coast and you could spend a day at the beach - head either north of Orbetello to Talamone or Principina al Mare, or south to the area between Ansedonia and Capalbio Scalo.
You can also spend a day in Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole, take the ferry to the island of Giglio. It will be prime beach time so if you're heading to the beaches, head out early in the day.

Other places to explore: Grosseto, Castiglione della Pescaia,
See more ideas here - and make sure to check out the "what to see" and "what to do" sections.

Further afield, I suggest a day north into the Val d'Orcia to see Montalcino and Pienza.

Another day could be spent between Monticiano and the San Galgano Abbey and Massa Marittima in the Upper Maremma.

Another day could be spent around Piombino and at the Populonia archeological area and Golfo di Baratti:

How much time did you spend in Siena last time? If not enough, I'd suggest a whole day there. Have I covered the whole week already? ;-)