Any vineyards or wineries open on 25th December?


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My family and I are planning to visit Tuscany region on 24th and 25th of December and Florence will be our base.

Our plan on the 24th December will be touring around the Florence city itself since most shops will be closed the next day which is the 25th December.

On the 25th December, we plan to visit vineyards and do winery tours and have lunch in one of the vineyard.

So our questions is does anyone know any wineries or vineyard that are open for tours and lunch during Christmas day? If so, we highly appreciate if you can recommend us their location, contacts and website.

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance.


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likely closed not but not sure!

Ciao seashellsmanila!

This is a really tough question to answer because its not good. This is Italy and Christmas is a holiday - tradition generally rules over any economic gains and I'm afraid everyone is off work and at home with family, the cellars will be empty and closed.

I think if you really want to do something at a winery on the 25th, your best option is to actually stay on a wine estate so that you can be a part of the "family" and enjoy the estate. You'll be a guest so as part of their services they might offer tastings and visits to guests.

Having said all that, it IS possible the larger wine estates might be open - so here are a few you should contact directly to see whether it is a possibility!! Many require reservations, so they might be willing to schedule it for that day if they have your request. How many in your family? because the larger the group, the more likely they will be willing to do it... - the Bottega di Passignano is a wine shop, right next to the Osteria and next to the beautiful Badia where the cellars are - so you can eat lunch and tour the cellars, just contact them too to find out if they'll be open.

Can you check back here with us after and let us know what you find out? it would be great to know for sure what they tell you!