Apartment Rental, Central Florence

Uomo Grasso

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Hello. I have used the search function and could not find an answer to my question. Could I ask for thoughts on the best method for renting an apartment in central Florence? I'm thinking of renting for two or three months. Is there a recommended local agency? Or, are there published articles I should read?
Thanks for any insights you might provide.
Hello Uomo

I'm looking for the same information. Searching for an apartment to rent for 3 months (september - November 2022), and would really appreciate information about any recommended agencies. Please let me know if you succeed in finding information. Thanks
Ciao Uomo Grasso,

Take a look at Pitcher & Flaccomio, they offer longer term rentals in central Florence as well as outskirts. Contact them directly with your specifications as the site might not be updated with all properties. https://www.pitcherflaccomio.com/

There are several groups on Facebook, if you're on that, you can post and search for.... but from what I've read, it is better to go through agencies because there are a lot of scams out there that want to have money up front without you seeing the apartment first, as well as renting out fake places out.

Another you can take a look at is Linda Rondinelli - https://www.lindarondelli.it/status/affitto/ - contact her too because site might not be up to date.

If you're looking for some higher end places, take a look at Studio Pianetta - https://www.studiopianetta.it/immobili.asp?av=1

Lastly, One Step Closer is another agency to look into - https://onestepcloser.it/en/rentals/