Are reservations necessary?


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My friend and I will be travelling by car in Tuscany on May 17-19, 2012. We have reservations for 4 days in Rome and 3 in Florence. But we would like to be able to explore in Tuscany without a fixed itinerary set before we leave home. Will it be possible to find a room to stay if we wait until the day we arrive in a town? We are fine with basic rooms and shared bath. We would simply like the freedom of following our whims for a couple days of our time in Italy.


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I’m pretty sure you won’t have any kind of problem booking your room the day on your arrival in Tuscany.
May it is a wonderful month to explore the territory but it is not plenty of tourists yet!
I would suggest you have a look on Tuscany Accommodation the day you’ll need a place to stay...some you can book on line, some you have to call. There are many kinds of accommodations and you can be sure to find the one perfect for you.

Wish you a beautiful holiday in Tuscany!


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Yes, reservations are generally recommended in May

Ciao Patricia,

I can understand you wanting to remain flexible and wait until you get to Tuscany to decide where to go and where to spend each night but hotels, B&Bs and farmhouse and villa apartments here are not set up to work that way (I think it is only hotels that generally have software that automatically update their availability across various portals so that you can see last minute availability online so at the very least you'll need to have a smart phone with you). May is not high season but it is already busy... and, I assure you, there are no signs outside hotels or other lodgings that display a "rooms available" or "vacancy" notice. Once you're in a small village, how will you know where places are, particularly if they are in the countryside outside of the village? how will you know whether they have a room? you won't want to waste time going from place to place. Do you really want to use up the limited time of your 3 days in Tuscany worrying where you'll be spending the night?
As far as I know, only Florence (and larger towns such as Rome, Venice) has an office in the train station that helps find last minute availability at local hotels, most other towns and tourism offices are not that well organized... so my recommendation would be to decide some general areas you do want to visit each day and pick a location where you want to end your day at to and book ahead of time, it will save a lot of headaches! Take a look at Tuscany Accommodation to start your search.