Are they doing the Night at a museum event this summer 2014?


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I know they did this last few years, however I can not find any information online for this year. My family and I will be in Florence for one day on 05 August 2014, then are taking a all day Tuscany ( Pisa, Chianti) tour. So I am wondering if this night at the museum is happening on 05 August. Thank you.


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There was just a Night at the Museum in mid-May - and it was just announced a few days ago by the Minister of Culture that they're planning to start to do at least 2 per year from July 1. So there might another one soon, but for now nothing is official.

Starting from July 1, every first Sunday of the month all State museums will be free - that includes the Uffizi and Accademia in Florence! And every Friday hours should be extended to 10pm. These are just a few of the changes announced 2 days ago, I'll be posting a more detailed blog post on this soon.