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Hi Lourdes,
I am travelling to Florence with my two nieces in their 20's. We will
be in Florence for 5 days.
We are all students. I am studying a degree in art together with one of
my nieces. Can you tell me please is there one ticket for
all galleries? Are there contemporary galleries?
If we want to do a day trip to Pisa and the Tuscan countryside could
You recommend one please. As we are students tours and
tickets that are reasonably priced are what we are looking


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Art in Florence with a 3 day pass

Hello -

Have a look at this site, it is an initiative offered by the Florence government and I think it might be just the thing.
Not only does it include museums, exhibits and villas near Florence - but it also includes public transport.

Buon Viaggio!


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Ciao ArtTourist,

Donna posted about the Firenze Card - you can get more information on it on this article which looks at whether it is worth it or not, depending on what you're planning on visiting.

The card is valid for 3 days, so it might be worth it for you and your nieces to get it. It is the the closest to a pass to all museums... but if you're planning on visiting just certain museums, check against the list that the Amici degli Uffizi offers for becoming a member. It has less museums, but costs less and is valid for longer... so if you already have an idea on which museums you want to visit, check both.

As far as the countryside and tours, the best value ones are definitely ones for groups - take a look at the ones offered here through our partner Viator:
There are a lot, from wine tastings to bike tours to cooking classes.

You can do Pisa on your own, taking the train from Florence (runs every half hour). It is small enough you can do your own tour around the city - take a look at this suggested itinerary for a day: