August Weather for booking tours and best time of the day to tour museums


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We will be staying in florence for a week in late august and wondering when to book for a tuscany day trip. Should we wait a week before to make sure the weather is ok or is the weather consistently hot (no rain) during this month? Also, please advise the best time of the day or best day of the week to visit Duomo, Uffizi and Accademia.
Is it advisable to do all 3 in one day with 2 young kids? Do a group tour or self-guided tour?



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Day trip into Tuscany


I suggest that you look at heading into Tuscany on a Monday - or any day of the week, you will find that the countryside fills up with the locals on weekends :p

All three museums on the same day would be too much for an adult! - The Accademia is probably the "fastest" museum - and unless you are climbing to the top of the Duomo and/or the bell Tower the cathedral can go rather quickly. But too fast and you won't enjoy much.

Personally a guide would move you through rather quickly - hitting on the highlights keeping the kids attention while you can enjoy the beauty...but they still wouldn't suggest an internal visit to all three in one day.

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