Beaches near Viareggio


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I am planning holidays in Tuscany next week. We will spend a week near Corrazzano in farmhous and want travel primarily. But we want to spend at least two days on the beach suitable for small children. Can you recomend me a beach near Pisa, Viareggio or Cecina? Are privat beaches better than the public ones? Is it possible to spend a day on a privat beach by a hotel if you are not a guest of the hotel? Thank you very much in advance for your answer. Lucie


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Ciao Lucie,

The sea and beaches right above and below Pisa are all sandy beaches, perfect for small children so that they can play in the sand.

Viareggio to the north has more larger sections of the beach "managed" as small businesses and so you'll find less spots as "public/free" - you'll find a bar with food, showers, beach chairs and umbrellas for rent, all set up along the beach. You can walk in between these "private" beaches and right in front of them on the wet sand, that always remains "public".

The public areas are the parts of the beach where you'll see people set up with on their own umbrellas, towels or chairs and coolers. Find a spot wherever you can if you want to do this! :)

Hotels or these private areas all share the same beaches along with the public areas, they just offer these extra services..... you can be lying on the public side and still go to the bar/shop to buy snacks and food and drinks.
The advantage to these paid beach areas: if you don't want to lug around umbrellas or beach chairs (or don't have them), you just rent them there for the day.
The disadvantage: if you don't get there early enough, the first rows of chairs/umbrellas are all taken up and you might only find open spaces further back from the water. That might be the case, but sometimes that's still better than nothing.

As far as beaches - I'd suggest heading to Marina di Pisa, Cecina or Tirrenia. I suppose your only choice is to rent an umbrella and chairs.... so once you get there, find parking and head to the beach with your towels, books, toys - you can scout the various establishments as you go and see which ones still have open spaces where you want to sit, ask for those specifically before paying and set up! Then enjoy the SEA and have lots of FUN :D