Beaches of Elba


I understand that the island of Elba has some great beaches. I am looking for sites that will give me further information on Elba. Perhaps someone in "Forum" has been there and can give me some general information about the beaches and the island itself. Appreciate your in put.

Ciao again!

Saw and replied to another of your questions just a little while ago saying you'll have 14+ days to explore Tuscany - and that would give you time to definitely explore Elba.
You'd love Elba - it is just gorgeous!

I've been there and truly loved it - but you definitely have to base yourself there for a few days, at least 5. It takes a few hours of ferry to get there and back, you can't do it as a day trip. I don't think you said exactly when you'll be coming to Tuscany next spring and this is important because Elba is pretty much closed for the season up until mid-April and even then it is low season. The season really picks up at the end of May when the sea and weather get warmer when it is gets perfect for swimming and snorkeling and more.

To get a better idea in general of what you can find there, I'd recommend you take a look at - it is a website maintained by a hotelier on the island so a lot of the recommendations are directly from the locals! :D There is a lot of information on the many small beaches you'll find there.