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I am planning a trip to Tuscany with my family (two teens 14 and 16) in july for 10 days. Planning to spend a week near San Gimignano to explore Tuscany.

At the end of the trip we would like to spend three nights at the beach. Thinking of staying in Castiglione della Pescia. Is that a good option? Any accomodation recommendations and/or beach towns would be appreciated.

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Beachside Stay


If you are looking to enjoy the beaches you could look at these two options:

one is an agriturismo experience near the beach, this would mean enjoying more of the Tuscan countryside but within a short ride you are on the Tuscan beaches - something like Valentina or Melograno

another option is instead of staying on the mainland - go to Elba Island...a totally different experience for the family. Here you will find beaches, a bit of history and and hiking and some pretty good food!

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise

PS if you stay in the Castiglione della Pescia area - put this on your itinerary: Daccia Botrona