Beautiful restaurants that only locals visit with amazing vegetarian food as well


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Hi! We would like to dine at some of the best restaurants in Florence. But not where the tourists go rather where the locals go. Restaurants that have great vegetarian options as well and a great ambiance
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Places to eat in Florence


If you are looking for all vegetarian restaurants, then you will want to look at this list. Even though Lourdes wrote it up, it which was formulated by our resident vegetarian in the office (and he is 100% local)

In Florence, it is rather difficult to find a restaurant that doesn't contain a mix of locals and tourists - only because there are so many tourists. :cool: But that doesn't mean that the locals haven't singled them out for good food as well. These two lists will give you some excellent ideas:

And this article, which talks about trattoria styled restaurants, lots of good choices:

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