Best beach near Siena (and easy to get to from Pisa or Perugia airport)?


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Ciao - please can you recommend me a nice (clean and sandy and quiet, if possible) beach to spend a few days, that is easy to get to from Siena and either Pisa or Perugia airports? I would like to stay in a simple hotel on the beach for a few days. Recommendations warmly welcome. Thank you very much, Estherelli


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Dear Estherelli,
if you are looking for a beautiful beach and sea in Tuscany I really suggest you head to Follonica, it has won for 11 years the European Blue Flag thanks to its clean water, one of the most beautiful of Italy. My favorite spot here is Cala Violina where you will find a wide beach with a limpid and crystalline sea, of course also the other beaches are worthwhile.
Check some place to stay here: Follonica accommodation

If you are nearest Pisa I would suggest you to go to Livorno or Viareggio.
If you want also enjoy nightlife, shops and discos, Viareggio represents the perfect mix for you. While if you prefer something more relaxing head to Livorno: here you will find a blu water and gorgeous landscapes as in Calafuria, where there is no sand but rocks.
Have a look here for the best beaches in Tuscany!

Hope you will enjoy a wonderful sea!


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Marina di Pisa - hotel recommendation very near sandy beach?

Hello - I decided to stay in Marina di Pisa for a few days on the beach. Please could you give me some hotel recommendations for hotels that are very very close to the sandy beach in Marina di Pisa? MAny thanks, Esther


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hotels in Tirrenia close to the beach

Ciao Esther,

There are several hotels within 1-2 blocks from the beach, take a look at this list here for hotels in Tirrenia (which is where the sandy beach is south of the the harbor).