Best months to visit Florence

Joanne Rae

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We would like to know which months in the fall are the best times to visit Florence? We understand Ocotober might not be such a good choice because of the rain and wonder what you think. You are so fortunate to live in Florence year round.

Thank you for your help,


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Joanna,

Actually, October is like the best month in general - can have some rain but in general, temps are still nice in the day. November is already much cooler.
As far as rain goes, it cannot be predicted!! This summer was really wet - but it was nice, it made temps generally lower than they are. And rain in October is not yet rainy every single day and all of the time, just showers.... so I'd definitely recommend October :)

Actually, as a sun and warm whether person, I hate Florence in the winter - I'd love to be back in California between January and March - HAHAHA :) Where are you coming from? it is all relative to what you're used to... know people from upstate NY who love the winters here, they are so mild according to them!