Best transportation from Orvieto through Siena to Volterra?

Jo Ann

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We will be traveling on a Wednesday in May 2016. We need to travel from Orvieto to Volterra. I'm thinking of taking the train from Orvieto to Siena (I believe one departs at 8:44 am arriving in Siena at 10:35 am). Upon arrival at the train station, take the city bus into town and store our luggage for a few hours. Then take the bus from Siena to Volterra, departing at 14:10, connecting through Colle Val D'Elsa, arriving in Volterra at 15:35.

Does this seem possible and the best route? According to a bus schedule that I found, the connection at Colle Val D'Elsa only allows 5 minutes. Is that workable?

We have visited beautiful Siena in the past, and thought that we would enjoy a few hours roaming the city on our way to Volterra.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


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Yep, if you're taking public transport, this is the route you need to take.

You give yourself about 4 hours in Siena and since you've been there, it should be enough for a walk and a very quick lunch. If you want a slower lunch, either go eat early or take a later bus so you're not in a rush ;-). The short bus connection in Colle might mean that you don't change bus but when you get on in Siena, you should ask to double check.

Are you staying in Volterra for several days? While there are buses to the nearby area, it would be useful to have a car in that area so that you can move around more freely.