Best Tuscany town to stay for daily visits with relatives who live in Quarrata


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We will be spending a few days (maybe 3) once we land at airport in Florence to visit with elderly relatives who live in Quarrata. We do not want to stay with them as they are not so well. We will see them daily and then leave to go back to our accommodations somewhere else.
My questions:
1.What is best large town to stay in near Quarrata so we can see local sights on foot and do things on our own? ? Is City of Pistoia the best large city near Quarrata or is there another town with historical sights to visit, cafes, etc?
2. What is the best train station in that immediate area that could get us to Orvieto after our visit in Quarrata?
3. Any recommendations on how to get from Florence airport to wherever we end up staying near Quarrata?


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Yes, Pistoia would be the best "large" town nearby to stay in for visits to Quarrata, in particular because there is bus service to Quarrata that takes about 30 minutes and would make it convenient. Staying anywhere else would make it harder to get there and back.
Check Google Maps for timetables for the buses.

You can get there from Florence by bus:

There are things to see in Pistoia and I believe you will enjoy your stay there for the 2-3 days you will be in the area. It is small and not on everyone's itinerary so it should not be overcrowded, you can get a chance to enjoy walking around the center and see the cathedral, the baptistery and the connected museum. There is also an underground network of walkways (Pistoia Underground) you might enjoy exploring!
You don't mention when you're coming but if in spring or summer, the sculpture park in the area is very beautiful. Consider visiting the Marino Marino museum too for more contemporary art.
Read more on Pistoia here:


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If you stay in Pistoia, then the best way to get to Orvieto is by using the train which leaves from Florence. There are frequent runs so you should have no problem find a good time slot.

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