Best way to visit vineyards and villages


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I am bringing a group of 16 people to a Villa 8 miles North of Fiezole. I would like to lead my guests in the right direction how best to visit vineyards and villages . Rent a car? Hire a driver? take a tour? There is sooo much to choose from what would be the best way to get the most out of 2 or 3 days exploring the area.


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If you all want to stick together, then I suggets you rent a bus. You can give them a planned itin and they will navigate you around leaving everyone free to enjoy as much wine as they want. (let me know if you want a few contacts)

If the group will be splitting up, there are several options. For those who aren't afraid to drive (even though it means having a designated driver---no drinking) then you can have a look at this link for wine tasting:

However, you could also look at mixing siteseeing with wine, so check out the articles in this category:

For those in small groups, but have no desire to mix wine with driving, a private driver is the way to go:

And lastly, for those who like getting out and close-up to the Tuscan countryside, have a look at this suggestions:

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