Boat day hire for a hen weekend

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I am looking at getting a day charter from Viareggio just to cruise the coast and take in the scenery and sun.
Does anybody know if this is possible?


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YES it is! in general most of them run in the summer... so as long as you're here from June onwards, you can do them more easily.

As for general info, the official consortium for the area is the main one to look at, a daily tour should cost less than 30 euro.
The route is here:
but info on timetables and rates are not online yet... what I found on other sites is this info:

The departure is every day from the port of Viareggio (Molo del Greco) with the following time-table:
From June 18 to July 31 and from August 28 to September 10: 9,00am (return at 18,45)
From August 1 to 28: 9.30 (return at 18,30).
The service is offered only if weather conditions permit it.
+39 0187/732987

So I recommend you contact the website listed above to find out more info, especially since if you want to charter a boat for the day they will be able to accommodate your request.
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