Bologna, Venice, Rome, Florence - Itinerary advice needed


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We are planning our trip to Italy we are flying into Bologna from Larnaca, Cyprus.

We just wanted to get a plan on how many nights per city and the main logistics (train/plane), in the least expensive manner, before we make any hotel or ticket reservations.

Dec 17 Fly into Bologna on Saturday take a train to Venice - 3 nights;
Dec 21 Plane to Rome (tickets a fairly cheap 40 eur per person) - 2 nights;
Dec 23 Train to Florence - 2 nights (not sure about that);
Dec 25 Train to Bologna - 2 nights (we have a very early plane to catch on 27th)

The goal is to make full use of our precious time to see as much as possible while still staying within our tight budget.

Would it be manageable? Any suggestions will be highlight appreciated.

Thanks in advance


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Ev,

Your itinerary definitely looks manageable the way you've organized it. If anything I'd move 1 night from either Venice or Bologna to Rome (there is so much more there to see and admire). Florence is a must on any trip between Rome and Bologna, so definitely do include it.... here too you could add an extra night from Bologna, if you move one from Venice to Rome.

Just keep in mind both December 25 and 26 are national holidays so plan to do mostly outdoor sightseeing, although museums should be open on the 26th!!