Brochures for Florence?


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I'm planning on going to Florence next month, so I would like, if possible, for you to send me some brochures, maps and tourist guides in order to help me to organize the trip.

Thank you very much for your attention!
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Ciao Monica,

We often receive this request but we are not an official tourism board for Florence or Tuscany. Since we live and love the region and city of Florence, our online guides seek to share our experiences and impressions with the rest of the online community. We ourselves do not publish any printed material.

The APT for Florence (tourism board) has some of its printed publications in PDF format on their website. You can download and print some of the parts that interest you before coming. Once you're here, you can pick up any other material at the Information offices. You can download the brochures from here:
APT brochures

For Tuscany, in the past I had seen an online form to request printed materials from the region of Tuscany but I was unable to find it now. I found an email address you can write to for material: turismo AT toscanapromozione DOT it (change the AT and DOT with the relative characters). I am not sure whether they will send material, so let us know if you try it.

Aside from printed materials there is a whole lot of information online today beyond our own Discover Tuscany and Visit Florence guides. Search on Google for specific aspects of your trip and you'll surely find what you're looking for.

Hope you enjoy planning your trip and keep posting for specific questions you'd like answered! :)