Budget eating alone

Isabelle Frater

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I'm going to visit Firenze in June. I know, long time away, but I always plan my trips waay ahead. Be prepared that I'll probably post a few questions here.
You have to know about me that I'm a budget lonely traveller, and a very active one, walking everywhere, not being able to sit down for long.
So, I've been looking at places to eat, and it's not easy. I can't have cow dairy, and recently I've been having an issue with nuts. For lunch I've been finding some places, but I'm having difficulties with finding places that have a relatively quick dish to eat that isn't just a sandwich, and are open for dinner. Oh, and I love wine and pasta! Can you recommend me some places? I also happen to be quite the foodie. I'll be staying for about a week. I don't have the date completely set yet.


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Dear Isabelle,
what a good choice Florence, it's a city to discover and...taste!!
There are plenty of places where you can have a quick meal, from a huge aperitivo, to a wine tasting to some assaggi, that are small tastings of several different dishes, such as pasta or risotto.
Have a look at this page wher you'll find articles about eating and drinking in Florence:

The article Restaurant in Florence lists some of the best places of the city we highly recommend to try out. Even a fantastic pizza is a quick meal perfect for a budget lonely active traveller ;-)

I'll be waiting then for new posts on your next vacation in Tuscany :)