Budget Farmhouse in Tuscany


I am looking for a no frills Farmhouse in the Tuscan Area. We have a strict Budget and all the polaces that I see are beautiful but we just can't afford. We are also looking for breakfast to be included
Our budget is 50 to 55 Euro. I know these farmhouses are out there but I am not finding them.
We stayed in a working farm in Normandy France for 50 Euro and it was the highlight of my vacation.
I don't need swimming pools, etc. Just a clean comfortable friendly place to enjoy the countryside and farm.
Thank you for your help
If you want breakfast included, you'll have to look for places that offer B&B treatment with rooms or with apartments but which also have rooms so might offer breakfast for a small extra.

Such an example would be Tenuta Quadrifoglio!

What period are you coming in? To get the best prices, you have to avoid the high season in Tuscany, which is from May through August, although some places extend it into September.
Thank you for the suggestions

I will be there in October 9 through the 12th. We then have to head to Pisa because we have a flight early on the 13th to go to Ireland.
I will look into these places today..and again this is sooooo appreciated:D