Bus App Not Available


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Following the recommendations from Lourdes to use the bus app, I downloaded it but it seems it doesn't work for Non-Italian residents for to register you need a text confirmation code. The code is sent to you cell phone. Inputting the phone into the app is not easy if you are a foreigner for the instructions said you need to add 00 then the country code, then the phone number and it didn't work.

Someone posted on the app that they tried different ways and it didn't work. Someone from the app responded that they needed to add the "+" but the app doesn't give you the option to add sign symbol, only numbers.

So, buy your paper tickets instead.
Ciao Carlangas,

It sounds like the app has a bug! Since it allows you to enter a non-Italian phone number by adding country code, but then doesn't actually accept it, it means they need to check it and test it some more. Maybe you should do a review on the App store so that the company that developed it can look into it.

I am glad you've shared with us that the app doesn't currently work if you have a non-Italian phone number. This means I will keep on telling people to buy paper tickets ahead of time instead of thinking the app as a possibility. I will update the article on using the app for bus tickets then, thank you for letting me know!
Ciao to everyone, I would like to update this thread with the info that the AT bus company has their own app now and it seems to work in general, although I myself have run into some problems in using it (very slow to load, keep logging you out and therefore requires logging in and thus becomes frustrating to use!) I would like to say always buy paper tickets if you can, but those are sometimes not as easy to find -- so look for the new AT bus app and use that instead of the one called "tabnet" which was in use a year ago.