Bus destinations


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We are trying to find out how far outside Central Florence we can travel on an ATAF weekly ticket. Are there any maps we can buy with this information on?


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The city bus tickets will let you ride on all ATAF and Li-NEA buses --- the ATAF buses cover the entire city and the ATAF/Li-Nea buses have several lines that extend further out -- for example, you can get to Fiesole, Settignano, Pratolino and even Impruneta with these lines.

The map I found here should a good amount of the lines but not all -- http://www.ataf.net/System/files/mappe/RED 20160808 MAPPA mappa cartacea ataf (68x48cm).pdf

If you do a search on Google Maps, clicking on the public transport tab, you'll be able to see whether the options offered include an ATAF or Li-nea bus, that way you'll know more easily whether a bus reaches the area where you are interested in......
but in general, consider most of the city, including residential areas outside the historical center, covered.