Bus route 370A from Florence


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Dear Tuscany Experts,

We have planned to go from Florence from 2nd to 4th July to the station "Tavarnelle Centro Per Firenze". We had done some research on the public transport that will take us there and it is the bus 370A from Florence. Do you know if the bus operates? How much does it cost? When do they leave :)? We have found absolutely nothing to the bus:( Also where we get tickets, unfortunately nothing found.

I thank you already for your help!

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Ciao Sebastian,

You can find the schedules for all lines on the new AT Bus site but it isn't very user-friendly. You can use the Trip Planner and it is a little easier to use.

You can download the full schedule from the section "orari" by selecting "extraurbani" and then the "extraurbani FI" link. A list of all the lines comes up, but here you have it without going back to look: https://www.at-bus.it/media/mod_timetables/timetables/EXFI/370_A.pdf

As for buying tickets, this page has info but it's only in Italian: https://www.at-bus.it/it/biglietti-e-abbonamenti/come_acquistare.html
The main difference in tickets is whether you use it in a city or to head out of the city and into the outskirts. The city tickets can be more widely purchased, but in general any place that has the decal on their window saying they sell AT tickets is where you can buy. These include coffee shops (called bar here in Italian) and at newsagents or tabaccheria shops. The easiest is actually to download their app called APP TABNET and that way you can buy digital tickets at any time. That way you don't have to go in search of tickets!

Let me know if you have any other questions :)