Bus schedule Florence to Greve in Chianti


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Hi,We are taking the train from Bari to Bologna and Bologna to Firenze SMN. We do not arrive until 18:30. We were told that the car rental places are closed and we will not be able to rent a car that day. We need one for 2 weeks and will be staying in Greve in Chianti. I am thinking we need to take the bus to Greve that night.
I have 2 questions...
Is there a rental place closer to Greve or do we need to take the bus back?
I have seen the 365 bus schedule and I think I know how to read it. I just do not know which stop is the one near Firenze SMN.
I am also taking my husband to the airport in Rome. Would it be easier to take the train or to drive? We have to stay the night as his flight is 09:45. If we take the train where would be the best place to take the train from? Would we take the bus there or could I park the car there?
Thank you.


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Mmm, sure seems like a long day!
How about spending the night in Bologna or in Florence before arrival in Greve?
I'm suggesting this because there aren't any car rental places in Greve, so you'll have to come back to Florence the day after.

You should still find some locations that are open, for example Hertz on Borgo Ognissanti closes at 7pm most days (not on the weekends): https://www.hertz.it/p/noleggio-auto/italia/firenze/firenze-via-borgo-ognissanti
I'm thinking maybe the airport locations will be open longer, this one in the area is open until 7pm too:

In any case, there are a few more buses to Greve after 6.30pm (the "firenze autostazione" is the one you want, it is the first stop right at the main bus station near the train station) if you want to head down and return the following day.


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Bus 365 to greve


I would like to know when is the earliest the bus 365 leave from Florence mains station to Greve in Chianti, sorry i am from south africa and want to make sure i arrive on time to catch the bus to greve , want to spend the day and come back

thanks for the help