Camaiore as home base


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8 adults are based out of Camaiore and are looking for the best place to be May 1st (going to Florence on April 30th). What town will have shops and restaurants open OR how would you recommend spending Labor Day? Also need recs. for great wineries nearby and recommended day trips. We are going to Florence, Cinque Terra, Pietrasanta, Lucca/Pisa and am asking for other suggestions in that area. thanks...


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Camaiore as a base

Sorry MEJP, I don't personally know the area around Camaiore at all so cannot help much with suggesting wineries in the area to visit. The day trips you've already listed are all perfectly doable and suggested - I'd also add maybe a visit to one of the marble quarries near Carrara? They are amazing, even if I personally find it difficult to accept the carving out of the mountains.
I think for wine in any case you have to head toward Lucca/Pisa. The best bet is to find the tourism office in Camaiore and ask them for recommendations.
As far as May 1st goes, there will be some shops open in Florence for sure but it is definitely hard to know ahead of time what will be open or closed as it is up to the shop owners to decide. Some restaurants will definitely be open - if the day is nice, I'd suggest spending it at the beach as a whole lot of other Italian will be doing :)