Can I Park a 1.96 meter tall 9 passenger van at teh Santa Maria Novella Train Station


Does anyone know how high the entry and underground parking is for the Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station parking? We have rented a 9 passenger van that is 1.96 meters high (per the specs). We are going to the Uffizi first and want the nearest parking and found this one recommended.

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Uffizi parking


If you are concerned about the parking then you can look at some outdoor parking such as that around the Tower of San Nicolò or near the National Library. Walking distance should be very similar.

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OK, thanks. I am just concerned about the ZTL and don't want to drive around too much. I may look for an outdoor parking lot.


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ZTL zones

I totally understand about the ZTL zones - I had my fair share when I first arrived.

The ZTL near the library is probably the easiest to note, because you really have to enter into the city. You will drive along the river and then actually turn around in front of the library --- if you go straight you go through a little gate and that is ZTL zone --- when you turn around you avoid all problems and can then find parking on the right hand side of the road...remember only BLUE lines.

The other parking lot is perhaps a bit trickier because it is all connected to dates and times.


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Parking outdoors in this case would be better, you never know with the underground parking lot. I actually think if you found parking along the Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia (map it on Google) you might be a little closer than from the SMN train station (or it is very comparable). You won't risk going into the ZTL at all -- the roundabout at the Biblioteca Nazionale is the place to arrive at and then head back so that you don't enter the ZTL.
Thank you very much!

Hi: Thanks again for the help. I will look at the parking lots mentioned as they may have easier access. In the mean time, Concetta from Fattorie di Santo Pietro where we are staying called the parking lot and they said the van would fit as long as it is not more than 2 meters. I may let my wife ride on the roof to make sure we don't scratch the roof! LOL!!