Car or no car?


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Hi everyone!
We are visiting Italy during the first 2 weeks of July.
We are staying in Venice for 3 nights and then off to the Tuscany area.

I would really love to book a quiet, country-side B&B somewhere between Florence and Cinque Terre as we would like to do the following day trips:
1) Cinque Terre
2) Visit the city of Florence
3) Book a wine tour

Now, the dilemma is that if we book a B&B we also have to rent a car (yes?). As much as I agree that driving through the countryside would be amazing, I also want to be able to have drinks throughout the day and not worry about parking.

So my question is, is it possible to book/stay in a countryside B&B without needing to rent a car? Could we bus into Florence for the day and also do wine-tours from Florence?
I can't imagine driving to Cinque Terre when there are so many trains going there.

Please help! I really don't want to stay in Florence, as we will be in Venice for 3 nights in the city and then I want some peace and quiet in the country.

Looking forward to your replies!
Milou and Matt